Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Little Drama & A Little Apathy

I've been trying to pinpoint exactly what shook me about the Mormon church's recent policy change enough to break a rather long streak of staunch apathy, and I'm pretty sure it's just been a building tension I feel with my Mormon family being held in a stasis of half-truths and rigidity. I look at the magazines the church sends out, and it sure looks like my Momo fam is getting hit with a barrage of bad news about my eternal soul. It's annoying!

(Aside: I shouldn't be blathering right now, because I don't have a lot to say that really matters, but I just feel like writing.  So here I am.)

I feel like I was overly dramatic in my last post, but I think it's also indicative of how I feel like a truce was broken.  I think I'd felt like I had struck a silent agreement that would have me just leave the church quietly without trying to take them with me, and my family would quietly accept that I was gay and live with a boyfriend without a fuss.

The church keeps interfering with this silent ceasefire. They just keep running their PR machine to make me look like I'm monstrously tearing the family unit asunder like a dog who's found some freshly finished homework.  It's all malarky!

That's really all it is for me. I know there are people who are deeply impacted by these shenanigans. For me, it's just my family relationships being carefully manipulated and meddled with.

So please, Mormon church, stop messing with my family.

I still feel apathetic about the church on the whole, but any time they look to intervene and label me something so strong as an apostate, I have to at least turn my head a bit.  (And shake it at them... and then say, "No, thanks, k, bye.")

K, bye.

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