Saturday, February 8, 2014

Necessary Sharing & Shifts of Focus

"...the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot."

Yeah, this was an absolutely necessary thing for me to share with someone!  For some reason I ended up here.  Hopefully this isn't a sad thing for you to watch, and hopefully you feel, as I do, it's a great reminder to just cherish the life you have and help others to enjoy their life, too.  Be nice to your fellow dot-sharers!

I mentioned that I don't know why I ended up sharing this here, and I don't know that I'll be likely to blog too much more often on this blog.  Why?

  1. I don't have depression about my gayness at all anymore.
  2. I don't really seek out advice on reconciling my Mormonness and Gayness anymore, and I doubt I have any helpful general advice or stories that you can empathize with that I haven't already shared.
  3. Because I am very happy in my present state, my focus has largely shifted to dating (which is a very personal matter) and my career (which you likely don't give a shit about.)  
  4. Basically, this blog isn't serving much of a purpose for me anymore.  While I could continue to come here once a month and tell you how incredibly happy I am now that I'm out of the closet, done with the church, and dating men... I think you've probably gathered that from just one or a few of my posts.  I'm great!  
If you have any questions whatsoever for me about anything, and I mean ANYthing... please write to me at graham cracker lawrence at gmail dot com.  I will happily answer questions and do my utmost to help you on your fun adventure on this pale blue dot.

Bye!  (At least for now.)


  1. Farewell Graham. Best of luck to you in all you do.

  2. Good luck, Graham. I've enjoyed reading your blog a lot and getting to know you.

  3. Sad day. :'-( But goodbye, Graham! See ya on the flip side.


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